Vegan Chocolates October 19 2017

With an increasing number of people choosing to adopt a Vegan diet, we took the bold step to begin developing chocolates and omitting the typical dairy ingredients. Making a non-dairy chocolate truffle may sound fairly easy but the starting point of many good truffles is chocolate, cream and sometimes butter. One of the team here at The London Chocolate Co is very much an advocate of healthy eating and fitness, he suggested that we try to include coconut oil into our non-dairy truffle recipe, so we started to experiment replacing the cream in our chocolate ganache with cold pressed coconut oil. After a few weeks we were happy with the basic non-dairy chocolate ganache so we moved onto the next challenge of choosing some flavours.

The first obvious choice was coconut, the pairing of coconut and chocolate has been around since at least the 1950’s, the coconut gives a fresh, sweet, aromatic and nutty flavour to the chocolate and so to our simple non-dairy dark chocolate ganache with coconut oil we added desiccated coconut, creating a truffle that not only tastes delicious but looks pretty great too.

vegan dark chocolate truffles with coconut

For the second flavour we decided to go with the classic combination of chocolate and orange, creating a rich dark chocolate truffle with fruity notes of essential orange oil. The truffles are decorated with natural freeze dried orange and mango powder.


The third truffle to join our vegan chocolate selection is a dark chocolate truffle blended with London Gin; we decided to go with gin due to the popularity of our gin and tonic truffle and our raspberry gin truffle and of course at the request of our delightful customers!

As we continue to innovate in our development kitchen, we’re currently working on a dark chocolate and coffee truffle which should be available in the next few weeks. As you can imagine the scent in our kitchen is amazing these days - there's nothing quite like the aroma of dark chocolate and fresh espresso.

Our collection of Vegan Chocolate Truffles can be purchased online here:

Vegan Chocolates