Single Origin Dark Chocolate Truffles May 17 2017

In principle a dark chocolate truffle sounds pretty simple to make and there are a wide variety available in the marketplace today, usually produced by just making a dark chocolate ganache (chocolate and cream) and piping it into a chocolate shell. When we decided to take on the challenge of creating a dark chocolate truffle we knew in true London Chocolate style it would have to be something extraordinary…

single origin dark chocolate truffles

Our expert chocolatiers started with a premium quality 67% single origin Madagascar dark chocolate, specially selected for its taste and rich aroma before adding cream and roasted cacao nibs to create a ganache with a distinct chocolaty flavour. The truffles are beautifully finished with 60% dark chocolate flakes to give them a unique texture and an intense chocolate taste.

single origin madagascar dark chocolates

The truffles are presented in our signature gift box and available to purchase online