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london chocolate company packaging

A box full of signature packaging from our UK based packaging supplier, boring to many but without it we pretty much cannot sell anything. We are posting this image today to highlight how micro businesses like ours have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

Like millions of businesses our main (and backup) packaging suppliers were forced to close for several weeks meaning that we were without our beautiful signature packaging for approximately ten weeks, it was a similar situation with our ingredients suppliers – we seriously considered closing the business but we anchored our ship, spent unforgettable time with our families and are ready and fortunate to set sail once again; very much aware that other businesses have not been so lucky including those belonging to close friends and family.

We believe it is more important now than ever before to support micro businesses – although we prefer to call them hero businesses. We may be tiny but to put hero businesses into perspective – a 2018 report by the London Assembly found that in London alone, micro businesses generated £227.3 billion of turnover and throughout the UK there are over 5 million micro businesses.

Here is what we would like to do with your help to show support and gratitude to the hero businesses out there. Every day for the next 100 days via Instagram we will choose a micro business to receive one of our beautiful signature chocolate boxes. We will start the ball rolling by sending a box to the super talented @tobyrmedia but we would like your help to choose the other 99. No follows necessary (although we’d love that) – just comment below and nominate a hero business, it can be anyone from your local speciality coffee shop, a graphic designer to a hairdresser or electrician that you’d highly recommend. If we select the hero business you nominate, we’ll contact you so you can add a personal gift card message before we dispatch. We’d be super grateful if you could share this so we can potentially show our gratitude (and yours) to lots of hero (micro) businesses doing amazing things.

With gratitude and thanks to you all – The London Chocolate Team.

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