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Welcome to our blog. Simply put, we love London. It’s the city The London Chocolate Company’s founding members have grown up and worked in. We love the people, the diverse cultures, the shops, restaurants and cafés; the architecture, the parks, the museums; theatres and street performers. We even love the err umm weather J

We’re getting ready to bring you a series of chocolates that represent our passion for good quality treats, starting with a Strawberries & Cream Truffle to coincide with the world famous Wimbledon tournament, followed by a new flavour every month until Christmas – how exciting!

The strawberries and cream truffle was more challenging to get right than we originally anticipated. Lots of people have done this flavour combination before but having tasted the current offerings we felt the chocolate was just too sweet when comparing it to a bowl of real strawberries and fresh cream. Strawberries are pretty ‘sharp’ in flavour and the cream is used to balance the experience just as a berry coulis might be used to ‘sharpen’ a sweet dessert. White chocolate is inherently pretty sweet so we developed the centre of our truffle to be quite ‘fruity’ and then finished by adding real strawberry pieces around the white chocolate shell to create in our humble opinion a beautifully balanced truffle.

We’ve had an amazing time creating the recipes for the first few chocolates, designing our lovely truffle cartons and developing our brand, we’re looking forward to see what the future holds for The London Chocolate Company and we hope you’ll follow our journey.

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